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by Dr. Albert Nekimken
©1999 by Paragon Press
260 pages / 31 full-color plates ©1999 by James Paul Kocsis
Hardbound.  Acid-free paper.  ISBN 0-9674199-0-5  /  LCCN 92-081994

Kocsis Scourged, Surviving the Art World

NEW and in a class by itself, this book reveals the hidden machinery through which newly discovered talent in all fields of artistic expression is forced to pass before reaching the public, and analyzes the destructive dangers of the process.  Dr. Nekimken finds in Kocsis a perfect motif for unfolding the tragedy of exploitation by those who make their livings off the creative genius of others. 

Front Jacket Photograph: KOCSIS SCOURGED, Christopher Bartol, 1972, Philadelphia PA
Back of Jacket: MARIA, Scourge Period 1972, 51"x 31.5", James Paul Kocsis ©1999

About the Author: 
Dr. Albert Nekimken, University  of California, earned his B.A. cum laude in French and English literature, then his M.A. and Ph.D. in Comparative Literature. He received a Fulbright research fellowship for a year of study in Istanbul on the impact of Bertolt Brecht on society, and the development of revolutionary Turkish theater.
Having taught language and literature in California and central Anatolia (as a Peace Corps volunteer), evaluated energy investments, and trained stock brokers on Wall Street, he is now managing editor in the research department of a major investment bank.
He comes from a family of recognized artists, musicians, and professors. His wife is a professional pianist, and his daughter a painter.

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