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17 May 2013



Welcome!  to you who are practicing artists and students in all mediums of creative expression: painting, music, sculpture, dance, architecture, theater, photography, writing, videography ...
and to you who enjoy, care about and support their efforts.
Learn how other artists have survived, or failed - the book Kocsis Scourged, Surviving the Art World is available here!

Kocsis Scourged, Surviving the Art World - front coverPaintings revealing the human soul, psychic impressionism, independent, exhibits internationally, works in oil on linen canvas.

NEW!     Now Open:
James Paul Kocsis International Independent Museum
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"No doubt the excellence of your paintings is due to the the fact that there is a strong sub-stratum of drawing."
Kenneth Clark, Director, National Gallery of London; Author, Civilisation

"Inner spirit and vigor 'animate' in the etymological sense, Kocsis' artistic creations."
Rene Dubos, Scientist, Author

"I admire totally your prayerful dedication, your refusal to play to the expectatious or the manipulators."
Sister Wendy Beckett, Art Historian, Art Critic


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